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That were two inches big!

A fossil of a giant ant, next to a hummingbird of comparable size

In other news: I now have admin capabilities to this community! That means I can start tagging things!
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And communicate by peeing. No seriously, read The Language of the Lobster.

This realization brought to you by news about this awesome split color lobster.
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[video is of tiny little 2cm seahorses, pink, that live on pink corals and have adorable tiny territorial disputes with little head bops]
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So, apparently male right whales are, er, extremely well-endowed. To the tune of 8- or 9-foot long (that's close to 3 meters) penises and nuts approaching one ton (2000lb = ~4.400kg) each.

More info here NSFW!

(The things you learn while watching nature specials on TV....)
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So, apparently there are snails that prey on other snails. Meet the rosy wolf snail:

The cover of Science magazine, featuring a fully extended snail with what looks to be an extra set of tentacles on its face, which are really its lips.  Above the snail says 'Biological Invaders!'

You see those weird extra tentacles on the bottom of its face? Those are its lips. It has huge lips because it uses those lips to taste track the trails of other snails down, so it can consume them.
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If you live in the UK, I do hope you've been watching the new David Attenborough series Frozen Planet. And if you have, did you notice the sequence on the life cycle of the Arctiid moth? It spends 14 years in caterpillar stage before it finally pupates. Can you imagine waiting 14 years before you were able to reprodu---oh. Anyway, better question: Can you imagine freezing solid every winter for 14 years before you were able to reproduce? CRYONICS FTW.

Wikipedia entry on Pyrrharctia isabella
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Introduce smell of rotting corpses to that full of lampreys. Lampreys, unsurprisingly, go batshit. Also unsurprisingly, lampreys going batshit are terrifying.
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This gorgeous creature has been hiding from us for 87 years!

Read about it at the SOURCE

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The research group behind the study showed that the photoreceptors seem to be located on the tip and base of the tube feet that are found all over the sea urchin's body and are used to move.

"We argue that the entire adult sea urchin can act as a huge compound eye, and that the shadow that is cast by the animal's opaque skeleton over the light-sensitive cells can give it directional vision," says Dupont.
Read more at the source...
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Its tiny little don't even...


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