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so ghostly, so pretty! More on the expedition that found it at BBC. "It is unbelievably fragile, and when it swims, it looks like it has wet tissue paper floating behind it. And it has a weird snout—it looks like a cartoon dog snout."

Here's 14 of the many species we discovered in the past year
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Ice worms live in glaciers and MELT AT 40*F! They are designed to spend their entire lives at temperatures near 32*F. And we're not talking tiny things either, this species grows to 2.4 inches.
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A crab with a very expansive leg span, far outstretching that of the wetsuited human holding it.

Anyway, I'm not sure I mentioned it, but I took over administration of this community. So, if you have any requests for it, let me know. I have started out by doing some tagging.
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And communicate by peeing. No seriously, read The Language of the Lobster.

This realization brought to you by news about this awesome split color lobster.
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[video is of tiny little 2cm seahorses, pink, that live on pink corals and have adorable tiny territorial disputes with little head bops]
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So, apparently male right whales are, er, extremely well-endowed. To the tune of 8- or 9-foot long (that's close to 3 meters) penises and nuts approaching one ton (2000lb = ~4.400kg) each.

More info here NSFW!

(The things you learn while watching nature specials on TV....)
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Introduce smell of rotting corpses to that full of lampreys. Lampreys, unsurprisingly, go batshit. Also unsurprisingly, lampreys going batshit are terrifying.
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The research group behind the study showed that the photoreceptors seem to be located on the tip and base of the tube feet that are found all over the sea urchin's body and are used to move.

"We argue that the entire adult sea urchin can act as a huge compound eye, and that the shadow that is cast by the animal's opaque skeleton over the light-sensitive cells can give it directional vision," says Dupont.
Read more at the source...
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Today I somehow found myself reading about leopard seals, and this leopard seal in particular. She manages to be both cute and really, really scary. It's almost cat-like - but with a 4m long predatory seal thinking you fail at hunting, need teaching and offering presents of dead penguins. HERE KITTY KITTY.
The article is here and the photographer's gallery is here but there are some photos of penguins being killed by leopard seals which might be upsetting.

As a friend wailed today, "I thought seals were cute and fluffy!"

I also found out that two leopard seals pups were washed up injured and starving onto an Australian beach and, because there's such a risk of releasing diseases into the wild along with the rehabilitated animals, the seals are now in Taronga Zoo and helping with research into leopard seals' diet. Any [community profile] wtf_nature people willing to go on a field trip?
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