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How did this even evolve.

(No picture because spiders. Beware: link contains pictures of spiders.)
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On the legs of jumping critter the size of an ant:

Electron microscope showing the gears on the legs

The gears help synchronize the movements of jumping in a precise manner. The weirdest part is it's only on the juveniles! The feature gets lost as an adult.
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Totempole head - Uraba lugens; a caterpillar with the exoskeleton heads of previous molt stacked on top of its head

Every time it sheds, it leaves the molt of its previous heads' exoskeleton on top.
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black and gray photo of a microscope's image of a wee fly insect, with wings that have more bristle than flat surface

No more than .25 millimeters long. HOW DO THEY EVEN.
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That were two inches big!

A fossil of a giant ant, next to a hummingbird of comparable size

In other news: I now have admin capabilities to this community! That means I can start tagging things!


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