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so ghostly, so pretty! More on the expedition that found it at BBC. "It is unbelievably fragile, and when it swims, it looks like it has wet tissue paper floating behind it. And it has a weird snout—it looks like a cartoon dog snout."

Here's 14 of the many species we discovered in the past year
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Hermit Crabs, when they see I nice big new shell, line up in a row, biggest to smallest, to exchange their shells...

No queue jumping allowed!
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How did this even evolve.

(No picture because spiders. Beware: link contains pictures of spiders.)
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Blood based on copper is baby blue, not green. We know this because we harvest the blood of horseshoe crabs for its magical properties, and it's baby blue.
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On the legs of jumping critter the size of an ant:

Electron microscope showing the gears on the legs

The gears help synchronize the movements of jumping in a precise manner. The weirdest part is it's only on the juveniles! The feature gets lost as an adult.
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Fox, why do you only catch rodents under the snow when you are facing North! If so, why do you bother with the other directions!

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Leaf-tailed geckos are large, impressive lizards that are highly camouflaged against rocks and tree trunks. Most species are rainforest dependent but some occur in drier habitats in association with rock. These geckos are restricted to eastern Australia, with species having highly localized distributions, including some found on a single mountain or range.

The six previously known species of the genus Saltuarius are distributed in rock outcrops and rainforests along the ranges from northern New South Wales to the Wet Tropics region of north-east Queensland.

The newly discovered species, scientifically named Saltuarius eximius, is known only from the vicinity of the type locality in the uplands of the Melville Range, Cape Melville.

More info and MOAR PICTURES at Sci-News
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Deep microbes live long and slow -- microbes deep in the ocean that only divide once every TEN THOUSAND YEARS

I can't even
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So these are massive, 12 cm long bugs that already look like nightmare fuel even before you watch the video of one hatching and realize that they were actually designed by H. R. Giger. But the deeply awesome part is that they were believed to be extinct for 80 years until a couple of scientists went hunting and found a surviving population of exactly 24 insects living under a single shrub on a neighboring island:

Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years
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Ice worms live in glaciers and MELT AT 40*F! They are designed to spend their entire lives at temperatures near 32*F. And we're not talking tiny things either, this species grows to 2.4 inches.
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Totempole head - Uraba lugens; a caterpillar with the exoskeleton heads of previous molt stacked on top of its head

Every time it sheds, it leaves the molt of its previous heads' exoskeleton on top.
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black and gray photo of a microscope's image of a wee fly insect, with wings that have more bristle than flat surface

No more than .25 millimeters long. HOW DO THEY EVEN.
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A crab with a very expansive leg span, far outstretching that of the wetsuited human holding it.

Anyway, I'm not sure I mentioned it, but I took over administration of this community. So, if you have any requests for it, let me know. I have started out by doing some tagging.
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I didn't know nature made squeaky toys.

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I suspect this is relevant to the interests of many of this community's members.
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